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Graham McConnochie (46-50) remembers the late Hugh Laughland (45-48)...
"One memory of Hugh which might be of interest was we were both in the Fleet Air Arm at the same time for national service. He drew the lucky straw and trained in Canada and I was in England both in Cornwall and Londonderry. Hugh ws an atrocious writer and when he got top marks in his CA exam we, his peers said the examiner had to choices. No marks or top marks because impossible to read. He got top marks! This vouchsafed itself, many years later – we regularly exchanged faxes – pre I/t days and one I receivedd just could not be read so I returned it to him asking him to print what he sent. The reply came back in Morse which we had both used in the Navy so thereafter for a bit of fun our letters were in Morse! Many, many School memories came back during these post war years and how well the “kitchen queen“ as she was called fed us so well. Highlight every Sunday morning was always prunes in unlimited supply followed by sausages. You can guess the use of prunes – who could eat the most and the then then disastrous results!! I also went with Hugh to Antarctica in 2008 and visited Mawson’s Hut in Commonwealth Bay which was a privilege reserved for a minority, the closest point to Tasmania. Most ships go to Antarctica from Ushuaia which is on the opposite side of Antarctica."

Is there anyone else out there from the '46 intake? Please do get in touch with the Club.


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