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Lions Found!

The Merchistonian Club Newsletter
30 June 2017

'Lions Found!'

Dear Merchistonians and Friends

Two for the price of one…

Thanks to all those who came to today's business breakfast, we had the pleasure of listening to both Darryl Morrow (08-10) and Graham Millar this morning. 

Darryl updated us on his recent venture; Udrafter which he launched with brother, Luke (07-09) in October. Udrafter is an online platform where people and local business can post one-off jobs or tasks to be completed by students on demand. 

Special thanks to Graham at Gilson Gray Ltd who lightened the mood on the very important matter of GDPR and Eprivacy.

business breakfast

Welcome to the Club

Last night we welcomed 79 new members to the Merchistonian Club with an informative presentation from club President, Matthew Gray (79-85)

leavers presentation

Introducing our new New Zealand rep:

I am delighted to say that Duncan Brown (98-02) is now your New Zealand rep.  If you live in NZ, are travelling through or simply looking for some local advice you can reach Duncan by email - duncanjmbrown@gmail.com.  Click here to find out what Duncan has been up to since moving to NZ.   

Here is a photo of your new rep catching up with Hilary Fisher (00-02) and his brother, Fraser Brown (01-07).

Accommodation for Newcastle Golf and Drinks
Do you need accommodation for the Newcastle Golf and Drinks event? Click here to book a room at the Marriott Hotel (next to the golf course) for £70 a night. Room rates will increase so get this deal while you can! If you would like to take part in the golf and/or drinks click here.
Roger restores his Riley

As a member of the Vintage Sports Car Club, Roger Platfoot (56-59) enjoyed attending the Scottish Tour in St Boswells last weekend. Roger has spent many years lovingly restoring his car which was first registered in 1936 as a black Riley "Adelphi" saloon.  Read more about the car's transformation here.


 "The Witchcraft of Encephalitis in Salem" 

For those with a particular interest in scientific and medical research, Johnny Tam (05-13) has co-authored a paper which has been published by the Journal of Neurology.  The paper discusses the famous Salem witch trials of the seventeenth century from the point of view of modern neurology, other medical theories on bewitchment in the past, and proposes their own theory: a form of autoimmune encephalitis known as anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis.

A paywall-free version of the paper is viewable here. It may be a somewhat esoteric topic but it is written in a format that is accessible to anyone with minimal level of scientific understanding. 

Touch Rugby - Staff & Leavers v Merchistonians

Staff, Leavers and Merchistonians all enjoyed a game of touch rugby at the School on Monday evening. 

Sailing Update

"I am currently in the process of sailing from Dartmouth to Dartmouth via the Caledonian Canal! In Scotland, we have so far visited Eyemouth, Arbroath , Peterhead, Whitehills and Lossiemouth before locking into the Caledonian Canal, where the boat now lies until 26 June. We will then set off through the canal and back down the west coast of Scotland, Wales and England via the Isle of Man before rounding Land's End and heading back to Dartmouth. Sadly, we didn't have time to come up the Forth to see you!"  David Clements (57-62), Sailing Secretary

Marylebone Cricket Club v Merchiston

Last Friday Jamie Kerr (88-93) and Peter Legget (03-01) played for MCC in the School's 1XI v MCC fixture.  School lost by 54 runs, For: 140 ao, Against: 194 for 6.

66th Internationalist
Tiziano Pasquali (10-11) (prop) got his first cap and became our 66th internationalist when he played in the Fiji v Italy match (22 - 19).  Congratulations to you, Tiziano! 

6 Nations (England and France home games) & Autumn Tests

It's your last chance to get your requests in as the deadline is Sunday 16 July, and we will run the ballot the following week.  Away games will be announced in September or October. Click here if you would like to make a request.

More Merchistonian Lions found!

As part of the research for a book written by Matt Vallance he has uncovered two forgotten Merchistonian British and Irish Lions: Robert (Bertie) Bulloch Waddell (1898-1902) and William Lovat Fraser (1897-1902). That brings our total to 5!

Lastly, Richard Macmillan (81-87) is heading off to New Zealand this Sunday via Hong Kong on a family holiday and is meeting Wallace Chang (85-87) who he has not seen in 30 years!  We hope you have a wonderful catch-up.

University readmission

University readmission - please contact alt@merchiston.co.uk rather than Mr Clayton who is leaving to take on a new role. 

With the summer holidays now here (as we are greeted with a pea-souper) it means this is the last newsletter until the new term begins.  I hope you all manage to get some sort of break in-between to recharge your batteries.  I'm counting on you to send some happy stories (and photos!) my way so we can share them after!

All the best,

The Merchistonian Club Secretary

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