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Your new New Zealand Rep - Duncan Brown (98-02)

Duncan Brown (98-02) has stepped up as our new New Zealand Merchistonian representative.  If you live in New Zealand, are travelling through or simply looking for some local advice you can reach Duncan by email - duncanjmbrown@gmail.com 

“I have recently completed my specialist training in Anaesthesia (after a lifetime - 14 years - of training) and have moved back to Taranaki on the west coast of the North Island, an area that my wife Jen and I fell in love with earlier in our careers as junior doctors.  It’s not part of the ‘main drag’ but growing in popularity (in fact it was rated the second best place in the world to visit by Lonely Planet this year). I work at the public hospital, my wife is a GP, we have a 2 year old boy, and a small farm/ avocado orchard which would make a good place of refuge for travelling Merchistonians. We spend most of free time surfing or getting up at stupid times of the day to watch Fraser play rugby on the TV…!”  Duncan J M Brown (98-02), New Plymouth, NZ. 


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