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Summer holiday visit to the School
During the holidays we had a visit from Roy Humble (44-48) and his daughter Noreen, Hugh Dinwoodie (43-48), and Bill Donaldson (44-49). Roy and Noreen had come all the way from Canada to meet with friends and family around the UK and put Merchiston on the pit stop list. After a warm welcome and catch-up with the Headmaster, Louise and the troupe made their way around the grounds where some vivid memories were brought back to them.
Whilst in the Old Library Bill pointed out his uncle's, Ross Logan (1923-1929), old kit that he donated.

In Chalmers West the dorms used to look more like a hospital with all the beds lined down each side. The beds were made of steel and there were no curtains and certainly no carpets!

Hugh remembered lining up for his new shoes during WWII in the library, which was the sports hall then. There was a line down the edge of the floor used as a measuring tool and if your feet passed over the line you got new shoes. However, this line was not straight and Hugh cottoned on to stand at the far end where the space narrowed to get his new shoes!

Everyone was very impressed with the grounds and how it has changed over the years.


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