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Back to the Future

Dear Merchistonians and Friends

Upcoming events:
Friday 30 October - Business Breakfast Loudons Cafe and Bakery
Saturday 7 November - Rugby Supporters' Lunch - Dollar Academy
Saturday 7 November - Class of 1995 Reunion
Sunday 8 November - School Remembrance Service
Saturday 14 November - 54-56 60-year Reunion

One of the script writers of Back to the Future had wondered whether he would have been friends with his own father at school. Now there's a thought. Would you?

Perhaps some of you might like to bring your father or a friend to next week's Business Breakfast at Loudons Café and Bakery. Owner/Director Douglas Humphrey (00-06) will be hosting. If you can join us, please email Merchistonians@merchiston.co.uk to help with catering.

A reminder that you have until 25 October to email the Club Merchistonians@merchiston.co.uk if you would like to bid for tickets to Scotland's home matches at next year's 6 Nations. Please state the price bracket of tickets you would prefer or be willing to accept. All requests will go into a ballot and successful applicants will be advised by 30 October when you will be asked for payment. Details of Scotland's home matches are:

6 February 2016 Scotland v England KO 4.50pm (10 tickets at GBP90, 30 tickets at GBP65 and 12 tickets at GBP45)

13 March 2016 Scotland v France KO 3pm (10 tickets at GBP80, 20 tickets at GBP55 and 8 tickets at GBP40)

(All tickets carry a GBP7 postage cost for insurance and guaranteed delivery).

The next Rugby Supporters' Lunch will take place on Saturday 7 November when the School will play Dollar Academy. Again, please contact the Club Merchistonians@merchiston.co.uk to reserve your lunch seats.

If we could time travel how many of us would choose to and where might we go - back to, or forward to? Would some choose Sunday 18 October 2015 to change 5 minutes of a classic match?

Until next week.

Jo Khan

Acting Club Secretary
The Merchistonian Club
Merchiston Castle School

t/ 0131 312 2262
e/ merchistonians@merchiston.co.uk
Fb/ merchistonians
In/ merchistonianclub

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