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Merchistonian v School Shooting Match
The Merchistonian Shooting Section's annual 'Rifle and Clay Day' took place on Saturday 18 March.

Those Merchistonians shooting in clays & rifle were as follows:-

Richard Macmillan (81-87), Simon Collins (00-06), Iain Brechin (79-84), Tom Diggle (08-16), Sandy Jennings (06-13), Euan Jennings (06-15), Cameron Rogers (10-15), James Duncan (05-09), Calum Miller (81-88), Peter Wright (82-89), Lewis Allen (98-04), Richard Dodds (82-86).

The day will kicked off with clays at Cluny Clays in Fife, where the Merchistonian team were victorious with a score of 241 v 205. 

The gentlemen then enjoyed a trip down memory lane over lunch in the School Dining Hall followed by the rifle shooting in the Miller range. 

The result is taken from 16 submitted cards.

All on the Merchistonian team managing to fire and submit cards and a select 5 firing a second card. It was great to see father and son competing against one another with Merchistonian and current parent, Richard Dodds (82-86) and son both taking part.

In a very close shoot with Internationalists, county, club firers on each team, the result has the boys winning by 47. Merchiston – 1399; Merchistonians – 1352.

Top rifle shot was Tom Diggle (08-16) and top guns in the clays were Euan Jennings (06-15) and Richard Macmillan (81-87)!!









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