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Dean Atkins (78-81)
Dean visited us today from his home in Yorkshire; it was time for his son Jevin and daughter Anouska to see the School after his many cheeky tales. After chatting with Dean we found out that he had finished at Merchiston a year early after being expelled "I was the naughtiest boy in the school". One of Dean's fond memories was the inflatable domed air-gym, which was situated near the current sports hall. Come winter time the dome would cave in from the weight of the snow. The boys would help to shift the snow from its top before the dome would go "poing!" and spring back to life. Dean also talked about his culinary skills, "In 1980 being fed-up with the low quality food, I requested, along with two friends, the means to make our own Sunday dinner. It was such a hit and was so popular that we ended up having a rota to make it, and that's when the Sunday Dinner Club was born!" His step-brother, Peter Falconer also attended the School.


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