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Gavin Reid receives honour for brave rescue
Gavin Reid (01-06) sailed in the Clipper event this year where he heroically jumped into the ocean to help a non-Clipper yachtsman who had become entangled in its mast.

In January when Gavin (a novice sailor), his crewmates and his yacht Mission Performance were sailing in the Hobart to Whitsundays race he heard a distress call from another yacht a few miles away. As he was the closest to help he and his crew re-coordinated to start the rescue mission. The sea was so choppy that the two yachts could not get any closer which was when Gavin jumped in to the ocean to swim to the distressed yacht. The other crew threw him a line and helped to pull him in. It turned out that the yacht had a rope caught in its propeller, the mainsale was damaged and a member of crew had been stuck at the top of its mast for hours. Gavin then climbed the mast to untangle the fellow sailor.

During all of this Gavin had tried to keep his new waterproof hearing aids safe!

For their courageous actions Gavin and the Mission Performance crew received the Henri Lloyd Seamanship award. Merchiston applauds Gavin.


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