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BAFTAs and Bacon Rolls

Dear Merchistonians

I have an intriguing set of stories for you this week. From BAFTAs to bacon rolls via a 400-year-old genius, what more could you ask for?

Firstly, however, I'd like to apologise for the gremlins in last week's newsletter. Those of you keen to browse through MRFC's online shop, please click here.

Saturday's rugby this week sees Scotland XV U18 v Scottish Districts U18. Our very own Zach, Hugh and Gavin will be kicking off at 1pm. Read here for full details. Good luck to them! Are any of you going to the match? Drop me a line, if so.

Many of you may have been watching the BAFTAs last Sunday. We'd like to extend our congratulations to Executive Producer Mark Boyd (87-90), whose film Room 8 won the Best Short Film category. To support the film (not to mention a Merchistonian in the arts), watch it here.

Now to a small history lesson: 2014 marks the quadricentennial of John Napier's discovery of logarithms. Nicknamed the "Marvellous Merchistonian", Napier is one of this country's most influential thinkers. He enrolled at St Andrews at the age of just 13 and is also credited with the use of the decimal point. Napier was born and died in the original Merchiston Castle, with his family's links to the School extending even to our coat of arms. His work will be on display at the National Museum of Scotland from 28 March. Full details here.

Finally, the Edinburgh Business Breakfast will be taking place Friday 28 February at Indigo Yard from 8-9am.This month's speaker is Merchistonian Malcolm McGregor (76-82), founder and owner of Broadreach Ltd. As ever, bring your business cards and network, greet old faces and tuck into a bacon roll while you're at it. Click here to be added to the Business Group.

That's all from this week. Batten down the hatches, brace yourselves until spring and make sure to keep yourselves well.

Kind regards


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