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Class of '07 - 10 Year Reunion Report
Handshakes at the main door to the School; a cheeky wee photo with the returning lads, before the Headmaster and Mrs Hunter were invited to join the shot on the main staircase (Cameron tartan) outside the Memorial Hall; and then on down to the Old Library to be reminded by the ever-philosophical ‘Headman’ (he said it, not me!) that ‘to whom much is given, much is expected.’ Well, we’ll drink to that!

Forgetting the final score in the rugby – though a fantastic, gritty display was certainly in evidence - so began our lovely trip down recollection road with an afternoon tour around some of the old quarters, as well as some new residences too (you should see the plush accommodation for those sixth formers these days!): and a fantastic catch-up with the lads of ’07 – a really happy good-natured warm-up to the evening’s dinner and fun, including several friendly (now promoted) faces on the touchline to pepper with jovial banter. And, as we all know, there’s nought like a pack of old boys to stoke a tough rugby fixture from the side-line, though in this case, to apparently no avail.

After a stop-over pint or two round at The Kilted Pig post match, play reconvened at The New Club at 19.00 for 19.30 – the strict jacket and tie policy mostly adhered to, but from that point on, anything is game as to the rest of the costume choices: tartan, chino, and silky suits all on display! The former headboy (yours truly) said a few words to get dinner underway (to several doses of patient/increasingly enthusiastic heckling) before we were treated to a formidable feast…and, most importantly, before the stories, singing and nostalgic choruses were to begin. Particular enjoyment and pleasure were taken from the return of some of our better travelled alumni, who had journeyed from as far as Munich, Moscow and even Seoul (via London) for the big stramash!

And, well were they repaid for their efforts. This was a great night, with next-to-no black eyes, though many shared salutations, and certainly one that will be looked-forward to again when the next big anniversary dates comes around. Ready ay ready!

Archie Millar (00-07)

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