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Michael Ferndale (86-92) runs the London Marathon...backwards
"Most people thought I was completely mad when I shared my plan to complete the London Marathon facing backwards to raise money for the Lord’s Taverners. For those who are unaware, The Lord’s Taverners is a charity committed to giving young disadvantaged people – particularly those with disabilities – a sporting chance. Having completed the task – I could not agree more."
"Being at the rear of the London Marathon looking back at the start and realising that it is not disappearing nearly fast enough is a somewhat surreal but fascinating experience. It was not long before I was overtaken by the back marker car and the army of tractors, road sweepers, artic lorries with teams of people packing up the road barriers and mile marker stations. For all of you who wondered why I dropped off the Virgin tracker app after 10 km that was the reason."
Read Michael's heart-warming and amusing story by clicking the PDF link above.

If anyone would like to contribute to Lord's Taverners charity you can do so here:



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