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Merchistonian author pays the pupils a visit
Malcolm McNeill (89-94) came to talk about his newest novel, "The Beginning Woods". An audience of Fourth and Third Form were joined by a party from Balerno High School to listen to Malcolm talk about his book and many other topics such as Socrates, Helen Keller, burning books as well as questions such as ‘Who are you?’
Here are some of the audience comments about this event…

"I really enjoyed this author visit because I really loved the stories he told. I bought the book and have now started to read it. Thank you, Malcolm!"

"I think the book and the things Malcolm talked about were very reflective and are meant to show how important people’s ideas and beliefs are."

"I was very interested by the book ‘The Beginning Woods’ and also the author Malcolm McNeill. I thought he explained his career very well and how he got ideas for his book. It is very inspiring that he is a Merchistonian and he became an author because it gives me confidence that I can follow my dream."

"Malcolm was funny and interesting and he kept the audience excited."

"I thought the talk was very good. I like how he told us about things in history like the Nazis burning books to try to stop the spread of ideas."


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