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All the way from Costa Blanca - Chris Shorter (64-67)
Chris Shorter (64-67) has been in touch to say that he is delighted to hear about the 50 year reunion in May which he plans to attend. Chris has been enjoying a one year travel sabbatical, dedicated to ticking off his bucket list of people, rather than places, that have enriched him greatly over the years. Twelve countries so far! Part of that list is the Merchiston Reunion for his 1967 generation.

"My three years at Merchiston were the happiest days of my education. Incredible staff, superb atmosphere, and inspirational academically as well as in my sporting exploits. As a senior prefect, I was Captain of Swimming and Fencing (Scottish Schoolboys) and belonged as well to the top shooting and athletics teams. In the Houses, I served under the hilarious, talented and amazingly eccentric IVBP and the avuncular MSP, who encouraged me to launch a lifelong career in the world of education.

After working in the Empty Quarter in Saudi, in Japan and then in Africa, I found my way around the world to New Zealand, where I worked in NZ's most famous boarding school (Wanganui Collegiate) for two decades. I went on to be the International Manager in Christchurch's Polytechnic, the Executive Principal of a new language school, and thence to China for seven years, most of it headmastering. Kazakhstan unexpectedly beckoned, and I served four years in the most extraordinary schools I have ever come across in my auditing and appraising visits to the institutions of 17 countries."
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