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Wares There's a Will There's a Way
Jeremy Wares (86-91) is a Merchistonian chef who has risen to great heights serving guests including the late Princess Diana, President Mitterand and Joanna Lumley.

Of his time at Merchiston he remembers that "there was no cooking, but lots of rugby"- a fact rectified at today's school where there is still lots of rugby (amongst 20+ sports) but this past year has seen the opening of the new Masterchef facility where boys develop their cooking skills! It is important to note that Merchiston continues to be an academically aspirational school.

Three years ago, when Jeremy was at the top of his game, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's. Rather than viewing this as an obstacle, he has taken his knowledge, reputation and passion for food, adjusted his lifestyle and turned around Houston House Hotel whilst raising money to research and fight the disease.

The Merchiston community wishes Jeremy every success in his fundraising efforts.


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