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Richard Bent (76-81) Edinburgh Marathon
As some of you will know I work/still work at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, about a year ago I was asked to become a Trustee for the Teapot Trust the only Scottish Art Therapy charity, based in East Lothian but now operating across most of Scotland (more on that later).

Strangely, Queen Margaret University is the only University in Scotland training Art Therapists. See it all goes together nicely!

Sensing that I really needed to do something practical to help, rather than just attend meetings I mentioned to some of our Postgrads,

'Lets get a student verses staff team together for the Edinburgh Marathon' more fool me!

Well this has now spiraled a little out of control and we now have 11 teams from Queen Margaret University, simply put 44 people running the relay elements of the Edinburgh Marathon.

Just to note that's 26 + miles between a 4 person team or over 287 miles in total!

I also suggested that as the Teapot Trust (who are dedicated to providing professional art therapy in a medical environment to children coping with chronic illness.) could be the beneficiary of some fundraising. This is probably where most people can help.

Stick with me for a couple more lines.

The Trust currently operates at the Sick Kids Hospital (Edinburgh) , Yorkhill Hospital, (Glasgow), Ninewells (Dundee) and soon to open in Aberdeen.

Recently, some parents in Inverness have started asking for a service to start in that City. In order to open up a new service in a new area we would want to give a good two year commitment before doing this.

So we have set a target to allow professional Art Therapists to provide four hours per month over two years including materials. Simply put £6384! To try and kick start this Inverness plan

Now this is where you come in….Don't run!....don't hide…..

I decided to try out my LinkedIn contacts and see if LinkedIn actually works! Or if it's just a social media hiding place for those who don't want to know via Facebook, what a person they once met on a bus to Boness had for their lunch yesterday.

If you would like to consider helping our teams and perhaps more importantly helping some children then please do help us out with a donation. We know that long term health problems can cause anxiety, anger or upset for children and their families, and may be difficult to talk about. With the guidance of an art therapist, art therapy offers a safe space for children and young people to express and deal with difficult feelings using non-verbal communication.

I do hope that you will consider backing up the 44 runners with a donation. Its about £35 or so per hour to employ a professional therapist and provide materials and support.

Our fundraising site for this event site is http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/QMUTeapotTrust

If you would like to look further at the work of the Teapot Trust then please do have a look at their website link, below my name

I realise we are all very very busy in this hectic old World but with a small amount here we can give a few children a little moment of respite from some not very nice illnesses. It's that simple!

I really appreciate your time to read to the end of this message and my very best wishes



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