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From Scotland to Singapore - Niall McWilliams first solo Exhibition in Singapore

Niall McWilliam worked at Merchiston from 2010 - 2016 before moving to Singapore with his wife in April 2016. Niall is having his first ever solo Exhibition in Singapore - Opening Sunday 28 May!

The Exhibition will run from Monday 29 May to Monday 12 June from 1-9pm.

See an Exhibition description from Niall below.

"My exhibition represents works that I had completed before moving to Singapore (Scottish seascapes and landscapes) and a new collection of paintings based on Singaporean cultural themes.

I explored many Indian and Chinese temples, translating my recordings into Oil and mixed media work.
After moving to a new studio in January 2017 I began researching the possibility to create portraits of people who were connected to Singapore.

The feedback was overwhelming - several people were happy to give up their time and to be subjects for my "narrative portraits".  I still have people contacting me wishing to be part of the project. I ask the subjects to tell me about themselves, their work family activity something that connects them to Singapore.  I then translate this into a personal theme and story about the subject.

The paintings become narratives of the individuals who pose for me."

Niall McWilliam


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