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Work Experience with Andy Weston (92-97)
James Raeburn (15-17), a promising young photographer, is pursuing a career in photography and videography. Earlier this year James reached out to the Merchistonian community for support and work experience.

Andy Weston (92-97) of Weston Sports Marketing invited James along to join him at the Scottish Squash Doubles Championships on Sunday 16 July 2017. 

James said:

'We were there to shoot the event which was great fun; a few of the images were actually published in various regional papers.'

Here, Andy gives us an update on the day he spent with James:

'It was a pleasure to work with James at the Scottish Squash Doubles Championships at Scotstoun, Glasgow.

I noticed that James was looking for some work experience and I was happy to help out a Merchistonian; I knew it would be a good decision.

It was a busy day but he went about his work in a business-like and professional manner. He quickly became acquainted with the players and gained their trust when he was taking pictures of them on and off the court which was important.

I am very sure he will be able to forge a successful career in photography and videography and I look forward to working with James in the future.

I would recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer and I would be happy to help out other abiding photographers/videographers from Merchiston looking for some work experience.'

Click here to see James' photo in the Edinburgh Evening News. 


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