William Barrington Mayson Laird (48-52)
Barrie came up with the idea some thirty or so years ago and asked a number of Merchistonians in the Club if they would be interestd in playing in such a match There was a very poitive response, as one would expect, and Barrie set to work with the arrangements.

Whilst the matches won or lost are of no great interest, the very fact that the boys had the opportuunity to visit and play at one of the World's greatest golfing venues, the oldest properly constituted golf club and originator of the Rules of the game of golf.

Barrie's efforts didn't stop there. Within a short time he had persuaded the Merchistonian Club to cover the cost of the boys lunches and then proceeded to persuade the Captain of the HCEG (John Hunter - a Lorettonian) to grant the boys courtesy of the Course for the day.

As an experience there could not be much better than a day at Muirfield and having Barrie's company. A fine golfer who would offer encouragement no matter how many bad shots one had played, together with numerous golfing stories, humorous or otherwise. A true stalwart of the Merchistonian Golf Club, he represented the Club on many occasions and, in the Halford Hewitt, apart from being Captain in 1983-84, he was on the winning side in 1976 and 1987.
When it came to golf Barrie was always Ready Aye Ready and a true gentleman.

Submitted by John Rigg (55-59)
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