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The Merchistonian Club Newsletter
6 March 2020
Bang Up To Date - Merchistonian News

17 March 2020 - Merchistonian Club AGM
20 March 2020 - Newcastle Golf and Drinks
29 March 2020 - Golf Spring Meeting
9 May 2020 - Cluny Clays and Match v School
12 September 2020 - Golf Autumn Meeting
26 September 2020 - Open Morning
7 November 2020 - Class of '90 Reunion
20 November 2020 - Merchistonian Annual Dinner

Merchiston Sport

For those interested in following the School sports teams, the full fixtures list can be found here.

Sports Desk

Careers Convention 2020

Thank you to those who attended the Careers Convention this week, another very successful event and so worthwhile for the boys. It was wonderful to see such a Merchistonian presence.

I enjoyed showing Richard Iveson (74-79) and Tim Murphy (74-79) around before Richard set up his stall. Richard was responsible for switching off lights and locking up buildings when he was at School, and remembered finding it particularly spooky when switching off the lights in the basement at Gibson House as he would then have to walk the corridor in complete darkness:

"I have to admit that I never thought I would ever walk through the bottom of Gibson House ever again!"

A Good Start For Scotland

Ahead of facing France this weekend Magnus Bradbury (11-13) knows that Scotland must start well. Read what he has to say.

Click here

Gordon's Community

Congratulations to Robin Macpherson (91-97), who has been announced as the new Head of Robert Gordon's College from 1 August 2020.

"Mr Macpherson has held teaching and senior leadership roles in Scotland, the UK and overseas with experience of day and boarding schools, as well as having worked as an examiner for the Scottish Qualifications Authority, Edexcel and the International Baccalaureate Organisation."

Robin is a history teacher by trade, is currently the Assistant Rector at Dollar Academy and has published a book with Carl Hendrick entitled 'What does this look like in the classroom? Bridging the gap between research and practice'.

Robin also works for the charity Remembering Srebrenica Scotland who have a major exhibition at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow, as it is the 25th anniversary of the events at Srebrenica. Good luck in your new role Robin!

More info...

An Explosive Update

On 29 February, Bomb Disposal Officer, Alick McWhirter (78-84), was called to a construction site in Happy Valley on Hong Kong Island where an American, World War 2, 1,000 lbs aircraft bomb had been found. The bomb was only a few hundred metres from the racetrack and just metres from a hotel and hospital which required an extensive evacuation.

"It was in an unstable condition and had to be defused at scene which took a little over 12 hours. Fortunately, all went well and there was no damage or injuries. World War 2 ordnance still generates a fair bit of our business, 50-60 per year on average, but this is one of the largest we encounter."

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Newcastle Golf and Drinks 2020

Meet James Angus (81-85), John Bruce (76-81) and Andrew Taylor (98-03) on Friday 20 March for golf, drinks or both.

Dust off those golf clubs and join the group at the Northumberland Golf Club, Newcastle from 12.30pm for a few rounds of golf before heading into the centre to enjoy some Merchistonian drinks. No clubs to dust off? Don't worry, you can bypass the golf and catch up over drinks in town afterwards. Click here to confirm your attendance.

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Calling all Old Lathallians

Many of you will have attended one of the many preparatory schools before entering the school gates at Colinton.

Lathallan School based in Johnshaven is one of those and they celebrate a 90-year anniversary this year. On Saturday 6 June they are celebrating with an event which will be filled with great memories for all those former pupils as well as their families and teachers. On Saturday 5 September Old Lathallian Barclay Low (63-68) and others will be organising a Golf Tournament at Edzell Golf Club for all former pupils who would care to join them.

For more information and to register interest click below.

Full details and sign up

Aplastic Anaemia

Congratulations to Sandy Jennings (06-13) who graduated from Edinburgh University in 2019 with a BSc in Pharmacology.

I am pleased to share that Sandy, who was diagnosed with severe Aplastic Anaemia (bone marrow failure) in 2016, is recovering well after his 2 rounds of treatment, is transfusion free and off almost all his medication. He is working this year to improve his fitness and strength with the aim of returning to his ski instructor job in Canada hopefully next season.

Family friend of Sandy, Jamie Maran (04-15) is running the London Marathon this April to raise funds and awareness for the Anthony Nolan Trust, essentially on behalf of Aplastic Anaemia. You can support Jamie's fundraising here.

Support Jamie's fundraising

In addition, a group of mad cyclists, including Sandy's uncles, are undertaking a 414-mile cycle challenge from the East end of Glasgow to the East end of London in April in support of The Aplastic Anaemia Trust and for Cancer Research UK. Their cycling team strips feature not only the respective charities' logos but also the Merchiston School crest and Sandy's name. Whilst Sandy was a keen cyclist before his diagnosis, he is not fit enough to take part, so he is going to be backup support driver for the first stage from Glasgow to Penrith.

Support Ritchie's Racers

Volunteer of the Season

You might remember that Jeremy Wares (86-91) was named Scottish Rugby's Volunteer of the Season. The Times have published an interview with rugby fanatic Jeremy, in which he talks of his early diagnosis of Parkinson's and how he won't let his diagnosis keep him down.

Full article

Murder Mystery - Sydney

To those in Sydney, we are trying to get all of the Edinburgh Schools' former pupils in Sydney together to keep the connection alive. Keep up to date by following the Edinburgh Schools Sydney Facebook page. The first event will be a Murder Mystery evening in August. Click below to find out more and show your interest, hopefully this can build some new momentum and new connections can be made.

Click here


Great to see Dan Nutton (05-15), the School's old 1XV Skipper, in full flight and scoring against Ayrshire Bulls.

Around The World

Logan Sime (73-79) and his wife are looking forward to a worldwide trip at year end and are looking to track down Paul Chung (73-79), who joined Logan's family on a Half-Term holiday when they were both at Merchiston together. If anyone is in touch with Paul please let me know.

"We will stop at South America first, visiting winemakers whose products were marketed by Winning Wines, when it was trading, and then Brisbane, Australia for Christmas. On the return through Asia, it would be great if we could catch up with Paul Chung in Brunei, assuming he is still there.

In recent years I have managed to catch up with Steve Buchan (73-79) who was Dorothy Buchan, the school nurse's son. I have also caught up with Steve Dykes (73-79), in Brisbane Australia where my daughter now lives.

Currently I am semi-retired having spent my last ten years as an Independent Wine Broker. Now I enjoy managing our investments in Investment Trusts and Equities and I am attending an investor day at Baillie Gifford in Edinburgh in early March. Otherwise tennis, kayaking, cooking, wine & walking mostly keep me out of mischief."

The Merchistonian Award 2020

The Club AGM is looming where a decision will be made for the recipient of this year's prestigious award. We're looking for a Merchistonian who deserves recognition for any of the following:

- Aiding or championing a charitable cause
- Achieving outstanding academic or professional success.
- Helping drive environmental or social change.
- Being a pioneer or achieving success in a challenging field.
- Being an inspiration or role model to younger Merchistonians.

Nominations and support can be emailed to the Club office. Deadline for nominations is midday on 16 March 2020.

That's all for this week's newsletter.

As always, we hope you have enjoyed reading and if you have any stories of your own, please do get in touch!
Best wishes

Gillian Macaulay

Merchistonian Club Secretary

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