John Frederic McGillan (77-81)

John was at Merchiston where he entered at Pringle House. John was a popular pupil and left in 1981 after completing O Levels.

The late seventies saw a contingent of pupils from Zambia whose families had enjoyed extended expatriate lifestyles, which had a propensity to extend to developing their careers in Southern Africa. John was one who moved to South Africa initially as a Mining engineer specializing in Gold mine valuations. This was not entirely Johns vision of a well-educated young man and moved into the marketing and sales of IT devices.

John secured the Cape province rights of a famous printing company and drove its development for 25 years, along with his business partner as Director of Operations.

John lived in Hout Bay outside Cape Town where he enjoyed a full life Surrounded by mountains and of a Seniors Iron Man and low handicapped golfer. John Travelled extensively and loved Bali the most.

A solid family man is survived by his wife Alison and young adult family Ewan and Aiden. 

John F McGillan Merchiston 1977 - 1981

John was 56 and will be sadly missed by all his friends and family.



Words by Grant McGillan (77-81)

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