George Brian Thompson
It is with deep sympathy and sorrow that we as an extended Merchiston community received the sad news that Brian Thompson (teacher 1948-1989) passed away peacefully at home last week, aged 95.
He was the oldest former teacher, and one of the longest serving. We may not see the likes of a teacher and Housemaster like Brian Thompson again. Indeed it is the transitory nature of teaching and any school that very few of the younger staff and none of the pupils will know who I am talking about, but generations of Merchistonians will!

I hope there will be a connection for all, from the very best of Merchiston "past" to Merchiston "now". After all, as the saying goes, "We build on the shoulders of giants".

Brian Thompson died peacefully at home aged 95. He and his wife Gwen (née Mair), who passed away last year, were an incredible partnership in the School from 1948 until 1989. They were formidable in the very best sense of that word because they gave strength, encouragement, welcome and a sense of home to so many boys for over 40+ years (although Brian's involvement as a part time teacher and Merchistonian Club Secretary carried on into the 21st century).

Almost 60 years of Service to Merchiston, but more importantly, a sense of Service generally was his (and Gwen's) life motivation.
41+ years a teacher
28 years as Head of Science
20 years a Housemaster in Rogerson (Gwen had to live outside School; there were no residential women on site … different times!)
Deputy Head or Second Master for more than 17 years.

He was affectionately known as "Trout" by those of that generation.

For those who knew him well, they will remember he would use the word "clearly" when trying to describe or identify an idea or problem - chemical, pastoral, or School-wise - even when perhaps it was not all that clear. However, Brian's confidence in "clearly", and the respect in which he was held, helped colleagues and boys trust and indeed see more "clearly". A teacher could ask for no more than that!

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and we offer as a school community our grateful thanks for his life and service.
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